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Which? Independent Score

In November 2014 Which? surveyed thousands of kitchen company customers to reveal how Wren Kitchens kitchens compare with rival brands, such as John Lewis, Homebase, B&Q and Magnet...

We Scored 5/5 for product Quality

Customer service
Quality of products
Quality of finish
value for money


Of people rated Wren Kitchens as good or excellent for value for money.

The customer score is based on how satisfied customers were with the brand and how likely they were to recommend it to a friend.

We also asked people to rate their experiences with Wren Kitchens kitchens' customer service, quality of products and finish, and value for money.

78% of people with a Wren Kitchens kitchen rated its customer service as excellent or good, while only 6% rated it as poor or very poor and 14% as fair.

For quality of products and quality of finish, 95% and 93% of people respectively rated Wren Kitchens kitchens as excellent or good, with only 8% and 4% saying it was either fair, poor or very poor.

85% of Wren Kitchens kitchen owners thought it was excellent or good with regards to value for money.

Wren Kitchens kitchens customer comments

As well as rating the brands, Which? asked customers to give them more details about their experiences. Customers commented on the quality of the kitchen in relation to the price:

‘It cost more than I thought, but I was happy to pay that as I believe I have received quality. The saleswoman was helpful in trying to suggest savings too.’

‘Installer said the kitchen was top quality and he had never fitted one as good quality before.’

‘Surprised by quality at the price - it’s much stronger than comparable price options. The online planner was very helpful too and gave an accurate idea of the finished article.’

‘High quality units and after three years use the units are still in perfect condition. The units came ready assembled and are strongly made.’

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*Information taken from ‘Best Kitchen Brands’ survey conducted by Which? March 2015. To view the full results visit: